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Maebrooke Day Nursery - Off Robina, Amington, Tamworth B77 4EW


Our Policies

A full collection of our policies & procedures can be viewed at the setting, but include:


• Collection of children by authorized persons only.
• The use of mobile phones and cameras is forbidden within the nursery.
• Parents are kindly asked not to let others in to the nursery to maintain tight security.
• All parents are asked to sign their child in and out of the setting.
• We must obtain necessary information from Parents in advance of a child being admitted to the setting, including registration form, birth certificate, utility bill and ‘red book’.
• Injury on arrival forms must be completed by a parent on entry to nursery for any accidents or injuries that may have happened at home.

Sickness and Medication

• If your child is unwell, we ask you to keep them at home and inform nursery that they won’t be attending.
• If your child is unwell at nursery you will be contacted and asked to collect your child, if necessary.
• If your child has a prescribed medicine, please give it to a member of staff who will ask you to complete a medicine administration form. Please do not leave any medication in your child’s bag, as this could be potentially dangerous if a child found it. Please supply all medication in its original container with the pharmacy label clearly stating your child's name and required dosage.
• ‘Over the counter’ medicine such as pain relief can be administered with written consent from parents. We can only administer ‘over the counter’ medication when requested to do so by a parent and where there is an acceptable health reason to do so.
• A child must have already received the first dose of any new medication that has been prescribed, 24 hours prior to attending nursery in case the child has an allergic reaction to it.
• Exclusion policies apply to children who are ill or infectious, advice will be given on the period of exclusion from nursery.
• Fees are required to be paid in full for sickness or absence.

Personal Property

When your child starts nursery, he/she is required to bring a small, labelled bag (not plastic please) with the following contents: (each item to be labelled with your child’s name also please.)

• Full change of clothing.
• Plenty of extra underwear and socks during potty training
• Nappies (disposable or re-usable)
• Sun hat and sun cream (weather permitting)
• Wellington boots. (for when it’s snowing or raining)
• Warm hat and gloves (for colder weather)
• Any comforter your child cannot be without (i.e. dummy)


At the time of registering your child, you will be required to provide emergency contact numbers. It is imperative that these numbers are available at all times, and if your mobile phone number has changed, please provide us with the updated information.


One months’ written notice is required if you wish to remove your child from nursery, or wish to reduce days of attendance. You will be asked to sign a ‘Contract of Agreement’ when enrolling your child, to agree to our terms and conditions as stated in the brochure.


It is company policy to ensure we provide a high level of customer services and the needs of our customers are met. Therefore, it is company practice to follow up our enquiries with a telephone call to establish if our nursery met with your requirements. If not, please inform us of the reason so that we can make improvements.

Maebrooke Day Nursery Off Robina Amington Tamworth B77 4EW

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Maebrooke Day Nursery Off Robina Amington Tamworth B77 4EW


Maebrooke Day Nursery

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Maebrooke Day Nursery Off Robina Amington Tamworth B77 4EW

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